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The best of 2015

I know I’m a bit late with this post however I wanted to be able to share my favourites of the past year because i have really enjoyed reading other blog posts like this and i thought it would be interesting to look back and reflect on the previous year.IMG_2667

2015 has been a great year full of amazing moments and growing as a person. In the past few years I was losing confidence in myself but gradually I have been gaining confidence and finding what I love again. 2015 has flown by; there have been some amazing products I have used throughout the year and other items I have loved- this is my top 15 for the year 2015.

  1. My obsession of the year- the Scion Mr. fox print. I only came into possession of the pillow on Christmas but throughout the entire year I would walk into John Lewis admiring all the Mr. scion fox print products. I now have the mug, the glass and the pillow (obviously all in yellow and grey as they are my favourite colours)! Although next on my list is the rug- if only I had more roomIMG_2508


    sneak peak of my bedroom!

  1. As a bit of a stationary addict I have a couple of notebooks that I’m in love with. The first being a recent purchase from urban outfitters. I thought it was expensive for what it was but as I brought it in the sale it wasn’t too bad. I adore the crystal image and the gold metallic writing- its so pretty like a coffee table notebook more of a decorative item. The other being a notebook I brought in Los Angeles so it has memories from that trip. The lovely minty blue matches the UO notebook so they look decorative together inside is covered with the Kate Spade signature gold dots and gold metallic writing on the outside. I also love that it has multiple book marks so you can save any important notes so they are easy to find.
  2. I have been loving the YSL touche l’eclait foundation this year. It was a new discovery for me in September, it is the perfect shade and great at covering blemishes.
  3. I have found an amazing lip balm\lip gloss by Rodial. It keeps lips moisturized all day and isn’t sticky, you can wear it as a lip balm on its own or wear it over lipstick for a glossy finish. I use it everyday particularly in winter. They also do a multi purpose balm which I equally love as it feels slightly exfoliating on your lips so makes the lips softer.
  4. Office black Chelsea boots- the boots I have been living in for most of the year!
  5. Neutrogena foaming face wash and moisturizer- these products have really calmed my acne down- these are now my holy-grail face wash products. I find if I don’t use them daily my get a breaks out the next day.P1010012
  6. My book favorite of the year was between ‘work in progress’ by Connor Franta and ‘since you’ve been gone’ by Morgan Matson. They are both very different types of book- ‘a work in progress’ is Connors autobiography with his advice on life. Whereas ‘Since you’ve been gone’ is a noel about finding confidence and becoming independent with romantic parts.
  7. Favourite music of the year- I don’t have a particular favourite artist but there have been some amazing songs released in 2015. Adele’s new album is amazing (which came out towards the end of the year) I have been playing this on vinyl and I have been loving using a record player. I have also loved James Bays album with ‘hold back the river’. i have been using a record player swell and it has been amazing receiving vinyls and their a bit of a decorative item too- mine is covered in vintage luggage labels because i would love to go travelling in the future.IMG_2654FullSizeRender-1.jpg
  8. My favourite perfume this year is Gucci flora. It is the perfect combination of floral with a tinge of citrus, it has been my go-to perfume this year.
  9. Lipstick I have loved is M.A.C ‘Cosmo’. The shade is an orangey nude pink which looks lovely with brown eyes particularly as I find it hard to wear deep berry shades.
  10. An accessory favourite- kate spade metro watch. For small wrists this fits perfectly, I love the pearl on the dial, the nude strap and the gold details- its my perfect watch.FullSizeRenderIMG_0394
  11. You need to look after your nails too!- my favourite nail polish has been sally Hansons nail rehab, it makes your nails look really healthy although not coloured, gives a manicured effect.
  12. Its getting hard to think of favourites now! But something ive really enjoyed doing is using a camera- I love getting the photos back and getting to see how all the photos turned out it also means you cant delete the photos you look ‘bad’ in because actually they are often the best ones!IMG_1605
  13. My favourite memory of the year was going to California in April it was only a week and an 11 ½ hour flight but completely worth it. I hadn’t been abroad since I was about 2 or 3 so I cant remember it. I just loved the whole atmosphere of it and swam with dolphins in san Diego which was amazing -it gets people to see how wonderful these animals are so they would want to help protect them in the wild which is great.IMG_9612
  14. My final favourite of 2015 is a film, I recently watched wild- a film about a woman who hikes the pacific coast trail to find herself again. I really enjoyed it and kind of makes me want to go hiking as you see so many wonderful things whilst your walking. Other films I enjoyed are san Andreas- quite sad though, and Max- about a dog in the army.

i hope everyone had a great year and heres t an amazing year ahead! what was your favourite thing of 2015?

with love and stuff, Accalia

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