How I deal with stress

Everyone has moments of feeling stressed, feeling anxious or under pressure. Stress could happen because of exams, many year 11 students are currently sitting their GCSEs, or from work or from situations at home. People deal with these feelings in different ways; some deal with it better than others.

I am definately not an expert on coping with it but I have picked up a few tips that i thought i would share. Some of these tips may be super simple but they are things you don’t realise will help when you are in a confusing, flustered mode of stress.

First, this is the thing that most would recommend for stress- just BREATHE. the most simplest thing, the act we do all the time without giving it a second thought; breathing. Taking deep breaths not only distract you from stressing but are also proven to stop adrenaline which then causes the fight or flight response. Breathing and dealing with your stresses will mean you can have a clear mindset and make better decisions.




Secondly, whenever I’m stressed I will go for a walk with the dog. It gives you time to think about the situation, have some peaceful time to yourself and your doing exercise which is a massive bonus. Walking and doing other forms of exercise controls the stress hormone and puts you in a better mood. It will also lead to better sleep because your body is more worn out and wanting to sleep.

Write out a ‘To-do list’. This will organise your thoughts and puts you in a better mood getting to tick off each task. This will reduce stress because you’re getting the tasks done that you’ve been stressing about, seeing it on paper should make you feel more organised about the situation and feel ready to take them on.


Lastly, take breaks. Read. Do yoga. Create something. Do something for yourself. Weather that means baking a cake and being indulgent to just taking a step back; going for a run or doing something you love. Although work/ school and other issues are important its equally as important to look after yourself so take some time each day to do something for YOU.


I hope this post has helped you in some way in dealing with stress, its something that effects us all particularly in the modern day stresses of day-to-day life. So breathe, go for a walk, organise and take breaks; give it a go and one of these might work for you.

How do you deal with stress? please leave your comments below and try some of these methods out, I’d love to know if they worked for you. Everyone is different and everyone has different ways of dealing with stress.

some good websites ; the help guide , skills you need, health

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