As a student, studying seems to take up most of your time. Its so important to keep rehearsing and revising information so that you are more likely to remember it in your exam. There are many different methods of studying, some will work best for some people others revise better through other methods. Here are a couple of ways that work best for me:

First, the way I remember information best is simply going over your class notes or a textbook and highlighting all of the important information; the key words, key terms, important statistics or equations. Highlighting helps me visualise the information better.


After that I will probably make a mind map. This also helps with visualising the information. It is the best way for me because I can imagine what the mind map looks like and find the information I need in the exam that way, It gives a structure to the information as well which helps with understanding.


An alternative is using cue cards. I mostly write these for key words or equations, for example for maths or chemistry, but I have friends who use larger cue cards to write down a whole section of a topic (like Ethics & philosophy) and that works really well for them. This makes it easier for you to test how much you know.


Recently I have found a website, theorganisedstudent, that does helpful free printables. I use the study schedule, study plan and topics to study sheet, this will make sure I am managing my time effectively and that I know what and how I am going to revise and at what time.


There are useful websites too, memrise and quizlet are the ones I use most often for either french or psychology.


  • Take breaks. After about 2 hours or less, take a little break- do some exercise and relax for a bit. Take longer breaks too, to meet up with friends or do a hobby.
  • Reward yourself. After you’ve revised a topic, eat some of your favourite food to reward yourself or go and do something you love doing.
  • Invest in some stationary. I love stationary, it not only does making your notes colourful and pretty but helps you with visualising too and it can make study sessions more enjoyable.




  • Try out different methods and see which one you like best, people learn differently: either visually, through sound or by being physically involved. Try making up a song to help you remember or by going somewhere like Stratford-upon-avon if you’re studying Shakespeare.

Good luck with your studying and I hope some of this information helps!

If you find you are getting stressed coming up to your exams, try  reading this post to see if it helps.

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I am a student in the UK studying English Literature at RHUL and an aspiring writer.

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