Completing DofE Bronze award

Duke of Edinburgh has been an amazing experience although very challenging!


if you are not sure what DofE is it is basically an award you get for completing physical, skill and volunteer sections, then completing a 2 day, 1 night expedition. If you complete all these sections successfully you get the award. It is great for improving independence as you have got to organise and cook your own food, carry all your equipment etc. with you and use vital teamwork skills.


We did get lost! but we managed to navigate our way back to our route by using the skills our leaders have taught us. It was physically challenging, you can walk anywhere between 12 and 16k  for your expedition, we walked for about 15k a day. Although on our practice weekend we walked 25k on one of the days which was really hard, we got many blisters! We had to plan the route ourselves as well which was fun but also a lot of responsibility.

It can also be mentally challenging with the preparation for the expedition, getting the right kit and completing the sections can be stressful. It is also exhausting afterwards, you really appreciate a bed and tasty food!

I would definitely recommend DofE to anyone who likes the outdoors, if you don’t it might not be for you but it is an amazing experience!




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