Autumnal fashion

I love the chillier days when you get to wrap up warm, have hot chocolate in the christmas take away cups at costa and snuggle up watching christmas films but sometimes it can be difficult to find something to wear that is both practical and warm yet stylish and fashionable. Here are my favourite outfits to wear during the colder seasons.



First, a white shirt tucked into straight leg (mom style) jeans with a black cardi and navy trench coat. I like to pair this with my beloved black chelsea boots, my yellow backpack and a checked scarf if its really cold.



Second, a white cozy turtleneck tucked into comfy grey mom jeans. On top; a black biker jacket and maybe a scarf. Effortless and minimal.  I layer the turtleneck with a simple tee on frostier days.



Third, my burgundy chord skirt with a cropped navy chunky knit. I would then add a navy trench coat.

unfortunately i don’t have photos of all 3 outfits and apologies for the awful camera quality haha.

Photos were taken in Tate modern art gallery in London.




P1010408 2.JPG

Tate modern was incredible, a really interesting gallery although most were quite abstract concepts. The photos above were my favourites as they all had quite powerful messages.

Have you ever been to Tate Modern?

What are your favourite galleries?

please let me know what you thought in the comments.


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I am a student in the UK studying English Literature at RHUL and an aspiring writer.

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