Happy New Year!


2016 has been a great year despite the many losses of amazing celebrities. But now its time to welcome in a hopefully incredible 2017! as the saying goes; tomorrow is the first page of a 365 day book, write a good one!

IMG_3537 (1).jpg

Photo taken in New York

Most of us make resolutions to make the year even better and to create an even better ‘you’ but we also are not likely to actually keep these resolutions and I am definitely guilty of this! So here are a few ways we can stick to our goals:

First, I am investing in a planner! This is probably something everyone does to be able to schedule and keep up with important plans throughout the year. But I particularly want to get a bigger planner this year that I will actually use so that I can manage my time more effectively. I have never been good at time management but with my exams in the summer of 2017, mapping out my time is going to be very important; I don’t want to be stressed out with the fact ‘I haven’t scheduled enough revision’ or ‘I haven’t written a blog post’ or any of the above. The planner I have got this year is the ‘gold marble diary’ on Oliver Bonus that I got in the sale (money saving may be a resolution haha) -which you can get here.


Another resolution I’m going to try and achieve next year is to have fitness routine that I am actually going to stick to. I know that a lot of peoples’ goals are to ‘lose weight’ or ‘to drop a dress size’ and a lot of people don’t keep up with this goal by the time May rolls around, a way I’m going to try to actually stick to a routine as by scheduling when I will have time for a workout in my planner and by doing a form of exercise I  enjoy doing so i am more motivated. At the moment I do exercise but it’s more in occasional bursts rather than sticking to a routine so that I really feel the results of feeling healthier, stronger and more flexible. So I will do exercise such as yoga, dance cardio and cycling because this is what I enjoy whilst being challenging enough and potentially giving me the results I need. You can tick off those days that you’ve done any form of exercise in the yearly overview section of your planner, this way you can look back at the end and realise how much effort you are putting in and how much you can improve and weather you need to mix up your routine.

Also if one of your goals is to lose weight (although I am by no means a fitness expert) you need to break down that goal so that you know HOW you are going to achieve that goal. Break it down into you food plan; Are you having a balance diet? Are you eating too much etc. and plan out how you will improve your eating because that is an important part of achieving that goal. Than break it down into exercise; How much do you do now? How much time do you have to do exercise etc. Make sure you do research on those goals too so you can really achieve it and more.

I hope you all have an amazing 2017 and a new post will be up in the new year! I really want to work on my blog next year, what kind of posts do you want to see?

Happy New Year!!!!


Photos taken with a GoPro and iPhone 7…

Link to Boxing Day blog here…



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