For the past month, after GCSE’s, I’ve been doing NCS. For those that may not know NCS stands for National Citizen Service. I know its offered in the UK but i’m not too sure if they have this in other countries and its only offered to 15-17 year old’s. To sum it up, it is basically a 4 week course. 2 weeks residential, 2 weeks in the local community. It includes 30 hours of volunteering so you can put it on your CV and earn UCAS points!


The first week was the ‘adrenaline fueled’ activities week; we did activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, paint balling and coasteering. Coasteering for me was my favourite because it was something I’d never done before and was really fun. It also pushes you out of your comfort zone, i never minded heights but jumping from them is a bit more terrifying! I just didn’t look down and it was amazing. However one thing a lot of people ask me about NCS is about the food…. and to be honest I would bring snacks, many snacks… it was a little like fat camp; living off a piece of bread and half a spoonful of beans for breakfast whilst doing a lot of exercise during the day. But i didn’t really mind it, we were taken into the town nearby and allowed to buy some snacks midweek so it was still a really good week. I was awful at quad biking though! On the first corner i managed to accelerate in the opposite direction into a hedge… maybe i wont take up quad biking in the future haha.

The second week we stayed in Bournemouth university flats. This week was amazing because it was the time we got to be the most independent and get to see what uni life is like. We had a budget and had to buy and cook our own food then did activities in our groups during the day. The best activity that week was the photo challenge; we competed against the other groups to get the best and most creative photos; good for me as sports and music related activities are definitely not my forte and this was a chance to get creative! The bournemoth uni flats were so much nicer than i expected, we all had our own rooms and en-suites. So it was a great experience into finding out what uni life is like.



Week 3 and 4 was the social action part of NCS, week 3 was planning and doing presentations and pitches to get the project and get money towards the project. Then week 4 was completing the project. Ours was renovating the pond area at St Walburgas  primary school so that it was usable and educational for the kids. It was so much more fun than i thought because although there were more boring jobs like weeding we were still with a really good group of people and got to be creative and paint fences etc. It was also really rewarding as we were giving our time to help a local school and the headteacher frequently thanked us for helping out.

Overall, I would highly recommend NCS to anybody. It was such good value for money, only £50, and an amazing opportunity to meet new people and gain new skills.

Have you done NCS? If so what did you think  x




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I am a student in the UK studying English Literature at RHUL and an aspiring writer.

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