Dare To Be Different

Hello, I hope everyone is looking forward to Christmas, eek, only 10  days to go! I cant believe I’ve not written any Christmassy posts and unfortunately this isn’t festive either… but I will do one soon!

This is about daring to be different. Daring to be you. Embracing who you are and loving who you are and not being afraid of not looking like everyone else. I feel this is really important because nowadays in society we are all pressured to look a certain way and we can feel judged by others around us. But we are all unique, all individual.

I wish that people could feel like they could wear what they want to and show their  individualism but it’s such a shame that most don’t feel like they can.

I know it’s a small thing; clothing. But it really does show the society that we live in; to feel as though we can’t express ourselves in our own different way.

Recently we had a SPUD day which is a sponsored non school uniform day to raise money for a charity. People in the lower school can wear their own clothes and those in sixth form have a theme. Personally I love experimenting with what I wear, with bright colours and clothing that I love the look of (the more out there/ the more different the better in my opinion) but a couple of friends and my sister were all saying about how they wish they were confident enough to wear something else and how an item of clothing is out of their comfort zone. And I realized that most people around me were wearing very similar clothes, most people have the same black bag, the same sort of colour outfit etc. We live in a world where people feel like they are being judged for expressing themselves so everyone wears the same thing, shouldn’t this be encouraged?

That’s why I love painting denim jackets because each one is individual and unique, no one will have the exact same jacket so people are expressing who they are.

But I wish more people could feel like they can be themselves and dare to be different, we should empower each other to wear what they want to and to be who they are not to be like everyone else.

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Published by Accalia Smith

I am a student in the UK studying English Literature at RHUL and an aspiring writer.

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