What I got for Christmas ‘17

Hi! hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and new year, I know this is a little late but  I wanted to share what I got for Christmas because I love reading these kinds of posts and thought I would give it a go.

I have been so lucky this year and am so grateful to everyone! so here is what I got for Christmas…

A Macbook air

I am so so grateful that my parents chipped in to buy me a new laptop. I have been saving up and have wanted a new laptop for ages particularly a MacBook because they are so easy to to edit photos and works well with my phone whereas my old laptop didn’t at all. So thank you, thank you, thank you, mum and dad!



cactus felt garlandP1020047

From my uncle I got 2 cinema tickets, I love going to the cinema and there are some great films out next year so this is the perfect gift for me.


3. Boux Avenue slipper socks and pyjamas. Its a tradition in our house to get pyjamas for Christmas and these Boux Avenue and Hollister ones are so comfy! I also got a pair from ASOS which I also love. Theres something about getting new pyjamas that is so lovely. P1020051

Comiso speaker. My sister and my mum both have one of these and they are so handy to take around with you if you want to listen to music in different areas around the house. I have gotten a lot of use out of it already!


Aviator jacket. This was an early Christmas present that my mum got in the Black Friday sales in Zara, its so warm and cozy – I love it!


Beauty things…

My sister got me the Nars maneater eyeshadow palette – it has the most gorgeous colours including a gold and emerald green and the packaging is just incredible. I also got a Chanel green nail varnish, I love the colour and this is the first Chanel nail polish I’ve tried- it doesn’t go clumpy and is easy to apply but I have found it doesn’t wear that well and chips after a couple of days. The colour is worth the reapplication though!


Dior poison metal liquid lip stain- the colour is lovely and it wears for a long time – this is now one of my favourite lipsticks.  P1010966

A whole lot of Acrylic and fabric paint. This is so uselful for me because I now have enough paint to paint more jackets!


Oral B electric toothbrush. I was a little skeptical of how good this would be compared to other toothbrushes considering the rather large price tag but it does make a huge difference. It has a few different settings for sensitive, whitening and all over cleaning and after using it it almost feels like you’ve just been to the hygienist.


chocolate, socks and stationary…


I also got a pair of yellow leather gloves. I haven’t seen anything like these before but they are so nice, they keep your hands warm and look stylish.


Its so difficult showing these properly in writing but I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂 I don’t intend to brag or anything, just wanted to share a few things I got for Christmas because I really enjoy reading these kind of posts and feel so lucky.

What did you get for Christmas?


1 thought on “What I got for Christmas ‘17

  1. I love my MacBook air so much! SO happy I decided to get it!


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