It cosmetics CC cream review

I have been using the IT cosmetics cc cream for around 2 weeks now which isn’t a long time to be trying out a new foundation, I know, but I have been so impressed with it! I don’t think I could go back to my normal foundation now. I brought it when I was in London a couple of weekends ago after seeing their posters in Selfridges showing how flawless the cover was, so I was intrigued to see if it really was that good. The lovely makeup artist there did my makeup for me and I tried it out as we continued shopping, and it felt so light on the skin and whenever I passed a mirror couldn’t believe how great my completion looked so immediately went to go and buy it.

The main reasons I have fallen in love with this CC cream is…

  1. The coverage is amazing, it eliminates any redness and it is buildable so you can wear it lighter or go fo a full coverage when you’re going out.
  2. It contains skincare so fells like it helping your skin rather than breaking you out.
  3. It has a 50+ SPF so its great for protecting your skin too
  4. The packaging, its in a tube which easy to take around with you, and the pump is really useful for dispensing the right amount.
  5. It feels really great on the skin, I don’t feel like I’m wearing any foundation. And it doesn’t separate if my skin gets oily which is really helpful, I don’t have to worry that It looks like my makeup is sliding off.

So I would definitely recommend IT!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you found it useful if you are looking for a new product that covers and conceals everything whilst not feeling like you’ve got tonnes of product on your face.

What foundation do you use? Would you recommend it? xx

Disclaimer: all photography is my own, unless stated otherwise. 


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