The Moon #2

The Moon #2

We can only see
What the light shows us.
A slither you now are
To our eyes;
A small piece of the puzzle,
A slice of the cake.

Not the full picture
Nor the whole sponge.
A slither of light arched
Into a darkening void
Back bent, fading
From our sight-

Until the earth turns
And more is revealed.
More pieces of the puzzle placed
For us to see your rounded face
With its curious expression: 
(Shocked or shouting?

mocked or missing?)
Up to interpretation.
For we can only see
What we are shown. 

- Accalia Smith

This is my second poem on the moon, a follow up to the first which I titled ‘The many faces of the moon’. This one focuses less on the literal attributes of the moon but to what its story means to our lives. Are we the moon with only part of ourselves revealed to the onlookers? Are we only interpreting part of things because we’ve not been shown the full picture?

It’s also a commentary on poetry in this way – that everything is up to our own individual interpretation. Only you reading this now will have the experiences you have, have the childhood you had, have the life you have – we can only attempt to try and be in each others shoes and see different perspectives but we can’t fully live them all. It’s those experiences that make you have the interpretation you have depending on what matters most to you. Poetry is a ‘slice’ of what you want it to mean in a way, directed a little by its writer and the words they chose to use.

Similarly we are the writers of our own image but people will interpret what you ‘show’ them differently. Journalists can write what they want you to know, interpreting what is important for you. Marketeers decide for you what they think you’ll want in your lives, interpreting you. Politicians show you what they want you to interpret and they interpret you too.

Sometimes we misinterpret – although perhaps there isn’t a wrong way to interpret?

Perhaps there is if all the facts and opinions are not given to us. How can we make up our own minds about anything without the full picture of it.


Published by Accalia Smith

I am a student in the UK studying English Literature at RHUL and an aspiring writer.

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