Life is Like a Hurdle Circuit

Life is like a hurdle circuit
 by Accalia Smith

A journey is sometimes used to describe a life,
With twists and turns
Paths to choose. 

Sometimes you might reach a 

     hurdle circuit. 

A series of challenges for you 
     to complete.

Some hurdles are easy, 
                        you can step over those

Some hurdles are a little tricky, 

                        it takes a run up to scale those

Some hurdles are far too high; 

you stand looking up.
                     Hand to your brow.

You know that’ll take practice; 
                                                  you walk past those.

But you try on the second circuit.

You have a little more experience 
         under your belt

Yes, you may trip. 


Fall flat on your face.

                        But you get up. 

Move onto the next hurdle. 
You try the circuit 


Eventually you succeed.

You jump over each hurdle with considerable ease. 

Then you continue on your journey

New challenges you might find. 

                            You may feel worthless. 
Why             Can’t             I            Jump                   These?

These are new heights to scale.

And so, the circle goes. 
                        Life isn’t always as straightforward as 

A                -                   to                  -                 B


Life                                       sometimes.

     is                                  circuit

         like                     hurdle 


Published by Accalia Smith

I am a student in the UK studying English Literature at RHUL and an aspiring writer.

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