Weekly posts featuring film & theatre reviews, current affairs, lifestyle and bookish content; a concoction of life. With new Poetry published every Sunday.

Started as a hobby in January 2012, this is a blog under my name for whatever musings are going through my mind. Its quite eclectic – from books to politics to a new endeavour to lines of poetry to general essays on life.

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Latest Posts

A Winter’s Wood Portrait

The forest lanes Like branches, mine Like veins Intertwine. Tracing your lines Behind my eyes. A capillary-ous show Of avenues, of multitudes. Blood like water flows From the root. Blown bare and leafless In the winters loot, My mind’s eye sees you.

Writing for the Orbital Magazine… (+ Blog updates)

In August I was appointed Opinion editor at my uni student magazine, so far I’ve written on Extinction Rebellion and the Reclaim party… I would also love to hear what you’ve been enjoying on my blog and what you’d like to see more of in the future.

A Portrait of a Fairytale

Once upon a time In a wondrous winter wood Of trees blown bare and pine Stood a woman that should Freezing be, looked rather fine Gliding over leaves wanton, Touching tree, seeing giants in a trap- Imagination often gets forgotten- Tracing with a finger an infinite map. With hair stood frozen in the winds embrace,Continue reading “A Portrait of a Fairytale”


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