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Its getting chillier, the candles are out, the hot chocolate has been made, Hocus Pocus has been watched.. I think autumn is here!

Autumn is such a cozy season, wanting to wear the biggest over-sized jumpers and have fluffy blankets. You also start to see more khaki and oranges so I thought id do a little autumnal fashion post.

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I am wearing the trousers with a navy crop top from Hollister, I am not sure if they still sell the exact one as i brought it a couple of years ago. I then paired this with one of my painted denim jackets.

So I recently went to zara and oh my they have some incredible items in there! I love Zara so much because they always have some incredible pieces that look designer yet the price is so affordable. So I brought these khaki green trousers that have a navy stripe on the sides, these are super comfy and feel like you are wearing joggers which is amazing for those days when you still want to be looking smart and put together but also want to be comfortable and relaxed. Another pair of trousers i picked up are these grey almost tartan print one, these are also really comfortable as they are a really soft material and have a jogger style elastic waist. Again these are also smart,you could wear a blazer and a crisp white shirt and wear them to work.

Also at Zara I brought a couple of gorgeous shirts. A light blue one with a beautiful navy velvet stripe going down the arms leading to the cuffs which are embroidered with pearl-look beads. It looks so pretty and is the perfect length, comes to just below the waist. I also got a white shirt that has some amazing ruffled sleeves. It is v neck and is a but longer so you could wear with leggings like these from Zara that have a leather stripe down each leg, to go for a more casual look.

The shoes I am wearing in all of the above photos are my classic old skool black vans that I pretty much wear with everything because they are so comfortable and go with most outfits.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m so in love with these items of clothing! What willl you be wearing this autumn? X




Fathers day afternoon tea

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For fathers day we treated our dad to afternoon tea at The Chewton Glenn Hotel, it was lovely. The food was delicious, the interiors were incredible and it had all those special little touches which I love.




These green tea cupcakes were delicious! Need to find the recipe!



It was somewhere dad had always wanted to go so it was really special and we got to dress up for it too which was lovely.

What I am wearing:

Dress: Zara (last year) they also did a shirt which I wish I had brought as i love this spring garden flower design.

Watch: Kate Spade large Metro watch with pearl face.

Jacket: Forever 21

Shoes: office chelsea boots.

Mint Lemonade

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Summer is here which means more time spent outside and more BBQs. Today I tried out a new refreshing lemonade recipe to help cool me down and lemonade is often a nice drink to have in the summer time. It is great making your own homemade lemonade because as it is mostly water it is keeping you more hydrated whilst still tasting delicious.


  • Juice from around 3 lemons per person
  • 2 1/2 tbsp of caster sugar
  • a handful of fresh mint
  • Hot water
  • Cold water

optional: ice, sparkling water (cold)IMG_1451

To make:

  1. wash mint,  then Crush the mint in a glassIMG_1449
  2. IMG_1462
  3. squeeze the juice of the lemons and put into the glass.IMG_1460
  1. then add the sugar and fill the glass half full of hot water.
  2. the other half will be filed up of either cold water , for a soft drink, or sparking water, for a sparkling drink. Stir thoroughly.
  3. To finish, you can add ice, lime, strawberries, whatever you fancy.IMG_1469
  1. IMG_1465

Do you have any drink recipes you would recommend for summer?

please share you thoughts in the comments!