10 Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

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With Christmas just around the corner you’re probably thinking about what to get for the special people in your life. It can be difficult buying presents for people for any occasion particularly if you are under a tight budget. Here are a couple of my favourite unique finds…

For the Tavel lover – Scratch Map


They can scratch off the places they’ve been on the map and plan trips they hope to go to. The idea is that they will try to scratch off as many places as they can. I have one of these my self and I love it.

If they are a student there are loads of gap year and bucket list books by lonely planet that you can get on amazon or any good book store.

For the book worm – Book cover locket

I think these are so unique, they do a variety of book covers so you could find their favourite classic novel to put on to the locket.


For the film lover – popcorn machine and bags

I mean it is their own cinema at home!

or for the person who wants to get into movies… a scratch off 100 bucket list movies poster 


(photo from amazons website linked above) 

For the music lover – (if they have vinyls) a vinyl frame, new earphones or portable speaker. For the person who I into hearing all the classics there is also a scratch off 100 albums bucket list poster.

For anyone – books

I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a book, it can be about anything they are interested in from gardening to traveling. There are loads of thoughtful books on Urban outfitters if you need some ideas.

 For the fashion aficionado – The new fashion rules by Victoria Magrath

I have followed Victoria’s blog for a long time now and she has the most amazing style and knowledge of fashion – definitely something a fashion lover would love to delve into.

For the Make up addict – Makeup storage or a set from their favourite brand. ASOS do some great ones by a variety of brands or if you want to go more upmarket SpaceNK do some beautiful sets as well from bath and body to lipstick and eyeshadows.


For the foodie – something for the kitchen or you can get books of the best places to eat in different cities.

For the sentimental – A photo book

I recommend Snapfish as I have used them before – the quality is really good and they are the cheapest company I can find that do them. I did one for my Dad documenting all the places we had travelled to and adventures we had been on. You can customise the pages yourself, adding text, changing the layout of the pictures and the background.

For anyone – Candles or bath things

Everyone likes gifts that they can use to relax. My favourite bath oils are from Aromatherapy – they can be a bit pricy but smell amazing.


I hope this little guide helps! Do you have any go to or unique gift ideas that you love? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!


July Favourites


Its almost August! I hope you have had an amazing July and been up to some exciting things. This month, I thought I’d share with you some recent favourites as I have not done a post like this in so long and there are some incredible films, theatre and books i’d love to share with you.



To be honest, I don’t tend to mix up my beauty regime very often; I wear the same makeup every day (if any at all) and have had the same skincare routine using the Proactive 3 step regime twice a day and it has been the best skincare products I have used to date so I stick with it. However a couple of months ago was my Birthday so my sister Kindly got me the IT pore perfecting powder which I have been loving adding to my everyday makeup particularly as it’s getting so much warmer to set my Makeup on those days I do decide to wear it.


My most worn item of clothing this month was probably my grey Timberlands, which I brought in the sale the month before (sometimes it’s good to be a size 8 haha) because they are the comfiest shoe I’ve owned, I’ve got the lightweight ones so they are not heavy and you can walk around everywhere without getting sore feet.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


I have managed to tick a few movies off my movie bucket list this month; King Lear (A new adaptation of it that recently came out with Anthony Hopkins) , About time (what a thought provoking story!) and The devil wears Prada (I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it till now, it’s so funny). Unfortunately I hadn’t managed to get to the cinema last month but there are loads of film I really want to see.

I did, however, go to the theatre and finally got to see The National Theatres production of War Horse. It was absolutely breathtaking, It was so well done and really captured the emotion of the book. The book was my absolute favourite as a child, I remember reading it before the Steven Spielberg film came out and because the words of the book were so fresh in my mind (being from Joey, the horses, perspective) thinking the film was rubbish (having rewatched it more recently I could fully appreciate it) and worried the theatre production would be the same but it was so clever with the puppets and incredible set design.


The Hollow Crown: I know this is not a new series, but I have only recently discovered it and have loved it. If you haven’t seen a lot of Shakespeare so far but want to get into it i’d definitely recommend The Hollow Crown – the acting is superb and the storyline is really understandable even though the language is that of the Elizabethan era. I particularly liked Henry IV part 1, following the story of Henry IV (played by Jeremy Irons) and his son Prince Hal (played by Tom Hiddleston) and the journey and commitment it took to be on the throne.



This month I have read The Da Vinci code by Dan brown, A Dolls House (a play by Henrik Ibsen) and have just started reading a Handmaids Tale and Angels and Demons (the prequel to the Da Vinci Code). I really enjoyed The Da Vinci Code,  I have read a couple of Dan Browns’ novels before and I love them because despite an incredible thrilling story you also learn a lot about symbols, cultures, history and architecture along the way which is really interesting and puts you into the mind of this highly intellectual Harvard professor.

A Dolls House was also excellent, admittedly it had a bit of a slow beginning, but the ending is incredibly powerful – Ibsen explores the wife and husband dynamic and treatment of women in the 19th century. So far Angels and Demons is very similar to The Da Vinci Code story line but it may get better as I’ve only read the first couple of chapters, and the Handmaids Tale beginning is very captivating, diving straight into this dystopian world Atwood has created. Ive seen the first series of the BBC adaptation which was good although a little confusing so i’m looking forward to how the book pans out.

Overall I’d 100% recommend The Da Vinci Code and A Dolls house and i’ll keep you updated on the ones I’m currently reading on twitter, instagram and on here.


Tom Odell’s new song ‘If you wanna love somebody’ came out recently so I have been loving listening to that and I very much am looking forward to his new album that comes out in October.

Next month I have got a few things I’m looking forward too, hopefully going on holiday somewhere with my family and going to RIZE festival with a couple of friends.  But I have just got back from Pub in the Park in Bath; Tom Odell was playing and there were lots of yummy food stalls from some very talented chefs, pubs and local food stores.

Thank you so much for reading!

What have been your favourites this month?

Best of 2017


Happy New Years eve!!!IMG_9634

2017 has been a rollercoaster, there were bad moments and a lot of amazing moments too. This is my best of 2017, what’s yours?

There have been so many amazing movies released this year, I haven’t seen them all but these are my favourites of the ones that I have…

My top 10 movies of the year:

  1. Wonder
  2. Kingsman the golden circle
  3. Star Wars: the last Jedi
  4. La la land
  5. Inferno
  6. Hidden figures
  7. Wonder Woman
  8. Murder on the orient express
  9. Spider-Man homecoming
  10. The greatest showman (lovely message and an incredible soundtrack)

Films I still want to see:

-Thor ragnorak, justice league, Dunkirk, baby driver, Jumanji.

Top 5 series

  1. The crown
  2. Victoria
  3. Jack Whitehall: travels with my father (was brilliant; so funny yet last few moments in the last episode were really touching)
  4. 13 reasons why
  5. Riverdale

Top moments of the year:

  1. NCS
  2. France
  3. Common people festival
  4. End of exams
  5. Reuniting with old friends



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Favourite things I wore this year:

  1. Love for yellow (mellow yellow post here)
  2. red boots ( I am in love with these, Chelsea boot style with a pointy toe – whats not to love?)
  3. Trouser collection (pull and bear and Zara are my favourite laces to find a good pair)
  4. Painted denim (shop my jackets on depop – link in side bar)
  5. Velvet dreams ( Ive been loving emerald green velvet this year)


My 2017 playlist:

  1. Lorde – green light
  2. La la land – the fools who dream
  3. James Arthur – Naked
  4. Ed Sheeran – what do I know?
  5. Harry styles – sign of the times
  6. Tom Walker – leave a light on
  7. Navo Amor- Carry you
  8. Stormzy – cigarettes and Cush
  9. Rudamental – sun comes up
  10. Eminem ft Beyoncé – walk on water

Top 5 makeup items I wore:

  1. soap & glory eyeliner
  2. Maybelline mascara
  3. urban decay eye shadow palette
  4. Bare minerals brush
  5. Bobbi brown eyebrows pencil in Ash

Books I read:

  1. Inferno
  2. Jane Eyre
  3. 1984
  4. The kite runner
  5. I am Malala


shop the outfit:

Red boots: topshop

Black chunky knit: H&M

Jamie jeans: Topshop





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Its getting chillier, the candles are out, the hot chocolate has been made, Hocus Pocus has been watched.. I think autumn is here!

Autumn is such a cozy season, wanting to wear the biggest over-sized jumpers and have fluffy blankets. You also start to see more khaki and oranges so I thought id do a little autumnal fashion post.

Buy my hand painted jackets here.

Or read more about them here 🙂

I am wearing the trousers with a navy crop top from Hollister, I am not sure if they still sell the exact one as i brought it a couple of years ago. I then paired this with one of my painted denim jackets.

So I recently went to zara and oh my they have some incredible items in there! I love Zara so much because they always have some incredible pieces that look designer yet the price is so affordable. So I brought these khaki green trousers that have a navy stripe on the sides, these are super comfy and feel like you are wearing joggers which is amazing for those days when you still want to be looking smart and put together but also want to be comfortable and relaxed. Another pair of trousers i picked up are these grey almost tartan print one, these are also really comfortable as they are a really soft material and have a jogger style elastic waist. Again these are also smart,you could wear a blazer and a crisp white shirt and wear them to work.

Also at Zara I brought a couple of gorgeous shirts. A light blue one with a beautiful navy velvet stripe going down the arms leading to the cuffs which are embroidered with pearl-look beads. It looks so pretty and is the perfect length, comes to just below the waist. I also got a white shirt that has some amazing ruffled sleeves. It is v neck and is a but longer so you could wear with leggings like these from Zara that have a leather stripe down each leg, to go for a more casual look.

The shoes I am wearing in all of the above photos are my classic old skool black vans that I pretty much wear with everything because they are so comfortable and go with most outfits.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m so in love with these items of clothing! What willl you be wearing this autumn? X



a few of my favourite things from September

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Hello October, i love autumn; when the leaves begin to fall, the time when you can cozy up in the thickest jumpers, light the spicy candles and go on crisp walks.


(images from google)

Because of my love for the season i thought i would share some of my favourites fro last month and generally what I’ve been loving recently.

the first has to be cozy pyjama bottoms, they look adorable with little foxes and are so comfortable- i pretty much wear them as joggers around the house!

although this actually came out at the beginning of October this year, i still thought id give it a mention; Estée Lalonde’s Bloom book. Its so interesting I love her style of writing and her personality.

Bath and body works ‘leaves candle’, i only managed to get my hands on this when my friend very kindly got it for me from her trip to America earlier this year. It smells as amazing as everyone says; the perfect sweet to spice combination and truly is the scent that makes you think of autumn. the packaging is beautiful as well with its gold leaf lid.

Music wise, i am quite into alternative usually. I have got 5 songs i really love at the moment, constantly listening to them on repeat;  Tom odell with true colours, Emelie Sandé with hurts- a really powerful song, James arthurs new song- don’t let go and the new version of ‘where is the love?’- i really love the message of the song.

I hope you have a great October- soon to be halloween! have you got any plans or costume ideas?

10 things that make me happy

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Happiness is so important to everyone, it is the natural objective everyone strives for; to simply be happy. Often it can be the simplest of things or activity, everyone has that different thing that makes them smile each day. After being inspired by Victoria’s (Inthefrow.com) latest blog post, Here i thought i would share the 10 things that make me happy.


1. Art:

Seeing a beautiful piece of artwork or sculpture or something beautiful someone has made really inspires me or really getting the time to create something myself and creating something makes me so happy.


This is my newest piece of work; painting just makes me feel so relaxed and I get really inspired by people. 

2. Candles and cozy days:

On a rainy day when I’ve got time for myself, my favourite thing to do is snuggle up in a warm blanket with a couple of candles burning. Not only does the smell make me feel relaxed but having the warm fuzzy glow adds to the cozy atmosphere which makes me feel comforted and content. Getting to wear those new pyjamas and that favourite cozy jumper just makes me feel so happy knowing that a lot of the jobs are done and that i can have time to myself maybe to watch a film or relax with a good book.

3. Bonfires

On a chilly evening which is all the time in England, having a bonfire with my family and friends makes me feel so happy. Im often sat with a hot mug of soup or hot chocolate wearing a cozy jumper having a good time, sat with the dogs, having heart to heart conversations about anything and everything.

4. Music /festivals

Im writing this as I just got back from Camp Bestival and I had the best time. I also went to Larmer Tree festival this year in which Tom Odell was playing, he was amazing and it had an incredible atmosphere. At Camp Bestival we were at the front singing and dancing along to Jess Glynn and budding musicians on the stage. Even whilst I’m doing homework at home I will listen to some good music and it kind of takes the stresses away and helps with motivation.



This is me on the worlds biggest bouncy castle with my friends- had an amazing time and yes, I know, we did join all the 5 year olds haha!


5. forest walks

Even in the rain getting time to clear my mind in the forest whilst walking my two dogs means I can clear my head and look at the beauty of nature around me. My pets make me feel happy too which is an added bonus.

6. New interior items

I’ve always loved moving my room around or creating something new for my room doing a bit of DIY or purchasing a new item. I love getting to see a look coming together and thinking of new ideas of how it will look; so getting that cozy blanket or new item and seeing it fit in with the rest of the scheme makes me happy.

7. Friends and family

These are the people who are always there for me. If I’m having a good or a bad day they are always the first people I want to share it with and they either share in my excitement or will help cheer me up. As I have already mentioned, I have just come back from a festival and that was with my family and close friends and it was great sharing these memories and inside jokes.




8. A cuppa tea

hmmm…  a cup of tea when it gets a little chillier or when you get up in the morning or to relax is like a little piece of heaven. It means something for me to look forward to in the morning and just tastes good ; my favourites are english breakfast, rose lemonade and a new find- the best of both (normal with green tea).


Enjoying a nice warm drink on a chilly evening at Camp Bestival!

9. Trying something new

Trying something new whether that means an activity like going on a zip wire and stepping out of my comfort zone or finding a lovely new eatery or shop makes me feel happy. A shop particularly if they have beautiful packaging! but indulging in food, clothes or an activity makes me feel happier and stepping outside of my comfort zone improves my self confidence too as it can bring a proud feeling.


10. Fitness

After I’ve done a workout or done some yoga, gone for a bike ride etc… I feel so much happier and healthier. I no longer feel that wave grouchiness when I get up and feel ready to take on the day ahead. It improves confidence as I feel so much more alive and no longer like the zombie when I woke up. My recent favourite workout has been the sweaty betty bodybysimone dance cardio, it consists of 5 sections; warm up, cardio, upper body, lower body and cool down.


After a good meditation and yoga session in the zen den!

What makes you happy?

please let me know what activities and little pleasures you like to indulge in that make you happy, everyones different and will find happiness in different things.

on another note…


I died my hair lavender, what do you think?


2015 Favourites

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The best of 2015

I know I’m a bit late with this post however I wanted to be able to share my favourites of the past year because i have really enjoyed reading other blog posts like this and i thought it would be interesting to look back and reflect on the previous year.IMG_2667

2015 has been a great year full of amazing moments and growing as a person. In the past few years I was losing confidence in myself but gradually I have been gaining confidence and finding what I love again. 2015 has flown by; there have been some amazing products I have used throughout the year and other items I have loved- this is my top 15 for the year 2015.

  1. My obsession of the year- the Scion Mr. fox print. I only came into possession of the pillow on Christmas but throughout the entire year I would walk into John Lewis admiring all the Mr. scion fox print products. I now have the mug, the glass and the pillow (obviously all in yellow and grey as they are my favourite colours)! Although next on my list is the rug- if only I had more roomIMG_2508


    sneak peak of my bedroom!

  1. As a bit of a stationary addict I have a couple of notebooks that I’m in love with. The first being a recent purchase from urban outfitters. I thought it was expensive for what it was but as I brought it in the sale it wasn’t too bad. I adore the crystal image and the gold metallic writing- its so pretty like a coffee table notebook more of a decorative item. The other being a notebook I brought in Los Angeles so it has memories from that trip. The lovely minty blue matches the UO notebook so they look decorative together inside is covered with the Kate Spade signature gold dots and gold metallic writing on the outside. I also love that it has multiple book marks so you can save any important notes so they are easy to find.
  2. I have been loving the YSL touche l’eclait foundation this year. It was a new discovery for me in September, it is the perfect shade and great at covering blemishes.
  3. I have found an amazing lip balm\lip gloss by Rodial. It keeps lips moisturized all day and isn’t sticky, you can wear it as a lip balm on its own or wear it over lipstick for a glossy finish. I use it everyday particularly in winter. They also do a multi purpose balm which I equally love as it feels slightly exfoliating on your lips so makes the lips softer.
  4. Office black Chelsea boots- the boots I have been living in for most of the year!
  5. Neutrogena foaming face wash and moisturizer- these products have really calmed my acne down- these are now my holy-grail face wash products. I find if I don’t use them daily my get a breaks out the next day.P1010012
  6. My book favorite of the year was between ‘work in progress’ by Connor Franta and ‘since you’ve been gone’ by Morgan Matson. They are both very different types of book- ‘a work in progress’ is Connors autobiography with his advice on life. Whereas ‘Since you’ve been gone’ is a noel about finding confidence and becoming independent with romantic parts.
  7. Favourite music of the year- I don’t have a particular favourite artist but there have been some amazing songs released in 2015. Adele’s new album is amazing (which came out towards the end of the year) I have been playing this on vinyl and I have been loving using a record player. I have also loved James Bays album with ‘hold back the river’. i have been using a record player swell and it has been amazing receiving vinyls and their a bit of a decorative item too- mine is covered in vintage luggage labels because i would love to go travelling in the future.IMG_2654FullSizeRender-1.jpg
  8. My favourite perfume this year is Gucci flora. It is the perfect combination of floral with a tinge of citrus, it has been my go-to perfume this year.
  9. Lipstick I have loved is M.A.C ‘Cosmo’. The shade is an orangey nude pink which looks lovely with brown eyes particularly as I find it hard to wear deep berry shades.
  10. An accessory favourite- kate spade metro watch. For small wrists this fits perfectly, I love the pearl on the dial, the nude strap and the gold details- its my perfect watch.FullSizeRenderIMG_0394
  11. You need to look after your nails too!- my favourite nail polish has been sally Hansons nail rehab, it makes your nails look really healthy although not coloured, gives a manicured effect.
  12. Its getting hard to think of favourites now! But something ive really enjoyed doing is using a camera- I love getting the photos back and getting to see how all the photos turned out it also means you cant delete the photos you look ‘bad’ in because actually they are often the best ones!IMG_1605
  13. My favourite memory of the year was going to California in April it was only a week and an 11 ½ hour flight but completely worth it. I hadn’t been abroad since I was about 2 or 3 so I cant remember it. I just loved the whole atmosphere of it and swam with dolphins in san Diego which was amazing -it gets people to see how wonderful these animals are so they would want to help protect them in the wild which is great.IMG_9612
  14. My final favourite of 2015 is a film, I recently watched wild- a film about a woman who hikes the pacific coast trail to find herself again. I really enjoyed it and kind of makes me want to go hiking as you see so many wonderful things whilst your walking. Other films I enjoyed are san Andreas- quite sad though, and Max- about a dog in the army.

i hope everyone had a great year and heres t an amazing year ahead! what was your favourite thing of 2015?

with love and stuff, Accalia