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Let’s Talk about… keeping the ‘important’ (how subjective!) conversations going.

The topics that matter most to us vary, from the day-to-day to the exceptional, different things matter to us. We are all individual beings with our own experiences, circumstances, upbringings, appearances and thought processes that change our outlook on the world and what we deem to be ‘important’. Despite these individual differences we as humans are able to talk about our own experiences and compare them with others experiences- to have conversations that mean the topics we feel ‘important’, urgent or unrepresented can be had. Of course unfortunately not every person in this world is granted a chance to use their voice or express their experiences or what they see as ‘important’. But luckily I am writing from a country that is supposed to have free speech and I am writing on a platform that allows me to share my views on the world. As lucky as I am to do so, it’s having these conversations and debating on ‘important’ topics that matters the most. Too often too many peoples ideas and opinions are put down and topics too often shut down that should be discussed. With this in mind, I endeavour to share as many experiences as I can, and to have as many voices as I can find shared. Not everyone is happy sharing their views, and who can blame them? in a world of the internet and social media we should be having the best chances of having all voices heard but more and more voices are banished from the online world either by advertising that swallows them up or algorithms that diminish their viewings or the companies blocking or closing down certain accounts. Then theres the hate that is spread on social media, or the peer pressure that is created to form a consensus in which people feel like they can’t speak out.

Articles featuring these conversations will be coming very soon, but these are a few articles about topics that have been on my mind in the meantime…

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