What To Wear In The Colder Days Leading Up To Spring


Spring is just around the corner which means injecting more colour into your wardrobe and maybe a few more florals however its still a little too chilly to dump the coats and embrace spring and the warmer weather it brings.

With that in mind, here a few items and outfits I am wearing in the transition from winter to spring, to still feel like spring is coming whilst not being absolutely freezing…

Denim jackets. These are perfect in the transition because you’ve still got an extra layer to keep warm but it’s more lightweight and not as bulky as a winter coat. It can also be worn with pretty spring dresses and skirts.

Light-weight Jackets. This is a military style jacket from Zara but there are many other forms of lightweight jackets such as longline blazers and trench coats.



Adding pops of colour. It can be a colourful accessory, bright jumper or some quirky jeans… the choice is up to you.

Trousers. The statement trouser has been really popular in the last few months and I imagine it will stay that way into spring. They are great for spring because they are a little more lightweight and come in so many styles and colours.

Sweatshirts. Maybe dump off the chunky winter knits and opt for something lighter. This spacey one is from H&M and I love it.



Thanks so much for reading 🙂 What do you like to wear in the transition from winter to spring? xxx


The Kanken rucksack

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Recently I brought the Fjalraven re-kanken backpack in sunflower yellow. It was pretty expensive at £70 but I really wanted a backpack that was going to last me a long time and a bag I could bring with me anywhere, it only made sense but to buy it in my favourite colour-yellow.

It is big enough to fit my a4 folder and all my school books in it which is really useful . I went for the re-kanken instead of the original because one; it is better for the environment being made out of 100% polyester plastic bottles and using eco friendly spin-dye technology (ohh how eco i sound) but two; I also liked that the logo blends in with the bag giving it a more contemporary feel in my opinion, I was debating though as I equally like the 90’s feel of the logo being more on show.

I love that backpacks are becoming more on trend now, they are so much more comfortable to carry around with you. it is a bag that would be great for travelling too and ill definitely be seen in a crowd! I’m really pleased with the choice of colour though as I  was concerned with it being too bright which I’m not too keen on, It is a lovely between mustard and bright yellow colour which will probably get nicer and a little more faded over time. Yellow also adds a bit of colour to a minimalistic outfit and is a positive colour too.

what backpacks do you like?