Masks – a Poem

I type into google a m a s k expecting the spook of the season in orange and white and green for pumpkin or ghost or Frankenstein or black, the cat, the witch, the vampire or red, for gore and blood, for devil instead the blue sheets fill the screen. The same that lie discardedContinue reading “Masks – a Poem”

Autumnal fashion

I love the chillier days when you get to wrap up warm, have hot chocolate in the christmas take away cups at costa and snuggle up watching christmas films but sometimes it can be difficult to find something to wear that is both practical and warm yet stylish and fashionable. Here are my favourite outfitsContinue reading “Autumnal fashion”

a few of my favourite things from September

Hello October, i love autumn; when the leaves begin to fall, the time when you can cozy up in the thickest jumpers, light the spicy candles and go on crisp walks. (images from google) Because of my love for the season i thought i would share some of my favourites fro last month and generally whatContinue reading “a few of my favourite things from September”