No Rain No Flowers

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Hello, Hope you are all okay!

So yesterday was world mental health day so I thought I would discuss some ways I deal with any anxieties and about why it’s so good to talk to each other about how we feel and be open about it. Mental health shouldn’t be a taboo topic as it is so common and talking about it is one of the best ways to help people with mental illnesses.

So one of the best ways to make yourself happier is to surround yourself with positive motivational people who support you and are always there for you. Make an effort to speak to these people often; with good friends you don’t need therapists.

Another way to feel less anxious is to look after yourself! Make sure you get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet and make enough time for things you like doing. Exercise is also good for relieving stress; even just a small walk around the block can really help.

I have always been quite an anxious person, I wouldn’t say I have anxiety but I’ve always worried too much about things I shouldn’t have to worry about. And through those times I tend to use an app called ‘calm’ and it really does help. Having calming music or having something to basically remind you to breathe really helps. So if ever feeling a bit panicky I would I highly recommend using it.

Life is tough. It’s stressful. It’s annoying. It can be overwhelming. There are times we all get a bit down and anxious and even if you don’t have a diagnosed mental illness it’s still good to do these sorts of things or whatever works for you and makes you feel calm and happy.

So I’ve titled this post ‘No Rain, No Flowers’. this phrase is so true, without some negatives, some failures and some unhappy moments there wont be anything good, you wont be happy and succeed. Its good to remember that in the difficult times because you know you won’t be unhappy forever; there will be flowers.

Failure is something I’ve had to battle and continue to, its something I’ve had such a massive fear of when in reality the little failures we make make us who we are, help us to grow and better ourselves.


Overall love yourself! You are always enough because there is no one else like you and if you’re ever feeling down or anxious about anything talk to friends and family or anyone that makes you feel loved.

I hope you liked this chatty post about mental health and happiness. Please fell free to leave a comment and please like and follow to read future posts! 🙂

(All photos are from a walk around Kingston lacy)

(What I’m wearing: topshop teal crop top, vintage striped blazer (you can find similar on ASOS), topshop Jamie jeans, vans)

Autumnal fashion

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I love the chillier days when you get to wrap up warm, have hot chocolate in the christmas take away cups at costa and snuggle up watching christmas films but sometimes it can be difficult to find something to wear that is both practical and warm yet stylish and fashionable. Here are my favourite outfits to wear during the colder seasons.



First, a white shirt tucked into straight leg (mom style) jeans with a black cardi and navy trench coat. I like to pair this with my beloved black chelsea boots, my yellow backpack and a checked scarf if its really cold.



Second, a white cozy turtleneck tucked into comfy grey mom jeans. On top; a black biker jacket and maybe a scarf. Effortless and minimal.  I layer the turtleneck with a simple tee on frostier days.



Third, my burgundy chord skirt with a cropped navy chunky knit. I would then add a navy trench coat.

unfortunately i don’t have photos of all 3 outfits and apologies for the awful camera quality haha.

Photos were taken in Tate modern art gallery in London.




P1010408 2.JPG

Tate modern was incredible, a really interesting gallery although most were quite abstract concepts. The photos above were my favourites as they all had quite powerful messages.

Have you ever been to Tate Modern?

What are your favourite galleries?

please let me know what you thought in the comments.

The art of coziness

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Its getting a little colder so time to bring out the thicker blankets and get cozy! Just picture a little fire in the corner sending scents of bonfires and a couple of candles burning, A few fluffy throws on the sofa… mmm this is what autumn is about.

unknown-7images-1images-2images-3Hygge has been a bit go a trend recently, i am not sure on the pronounciation but i do know that it isabout danish coziness so here are a few tips to get that cozy look in your home. Please note that i am definitely no interior designer but these are just a few of the ways I like to make a room reach its fullest cozy potential.

  1. lighting a few candles- for me cinnamon and clove scents are preferred particularly the White company ‘winter’ candle and the bath and body works ‘leaves’ candle. Others could be aromatherapy candles to create a really lovely atmosphere and lift your mood.
  2. Make the most of natural light, let as much light a you can into the room. making sure you open curtains or maybe go far blinds or put mirrors at points around the room to reflect the light.
  3. Go crazy with soft furnishings like throws, blankets and cushions. If making a cozy bedroom the more duvets you can get the better (take inspiration from the Laura Ashley displays) and get colours that create warmth like soft greys, warm pinks, taupes and yellows.
  4. DIY your own cushion covers or make your own soft furnishings.
  5. Have indoor plants as it adds a little bit of the outdoors inside.

I hope these tips have helped and feel free to add your own in the comments!


a few of my favourite things from September, Book Club, Favourites, Lifestyle

Hello October, i love autumn; when the leaves begin to fall, the time when you can cozy up in the thickest jumpers, light the spicy candles and go on crisp walks.


(images from google)

Because of my love for the season i thought i would share some of my favourites fro last month and generally what I’ve been loving recently.

the first has to be cozy pyjama bottoms, they look adorable with little foxes and are so comfortable- i pretty much wear them as joggers around the house!

although this actually came out at the beginning of October this year, i still thought id give it a mention; Estée Lalonde’s Bloom book. Its so interesting I love her style of writing and her personality.

Bath and body works ‘leaves candle’, i only managed to get my hands on this when my friend very kindly got it for me from her trip to America earlier this year. It smells as amazing as everyone says; the perfect sweet to spice combination and truly is the scent that makes you think of autumn. the packaging is beautiful as well with its gold leaf lid.

Music wise, i am quite into alternative usually. I have got 5 songs i really love at the moment, constantly listening to them on repeat;  Tom odell with true colours, Emelie Sandé with hurts- a really powerful song, James arthurs new song- don’t let go and the new version of ‘where is the love?’- i really love the message of the song.

I hope you have a great October- soon to be halloween! have you got any plans or costume ideas?