Completing DofE Bronze award

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Duke of Edinburgh has been an amazing experience although very challenging!


if you are not sure what DofE is it is basically an award you get for completing physical, skill and volunteer sections, then completing a 2 day, 1 night expedition. If you complete all these sections successfully you get the award. It is great for improving independence as you have got to organise and cook your own food, carry all your equipment etc. with you and use vital teamwork skills.


We did get lost! but we managed to navigate our way back to our route by using the skills our leaders have taught us. It was physically challenging, you can walk anywhere between 12 and 16k  for your expedition, we walked for about 15k a day. Although on our practice weekend we walked 25k on one of the days which was really hard, we got many blisters! We had to plan the route ourselves as well which was fun but also a lot of responsibility.

It can also be mentally challenging with the preparation for the expedition, getting the right kit and completing the sections can be stressful. It is also exhausting afterwards, you really appreciate a bed and tasty food!

I would definitely recommend DofE to anyone who likes the outdoors, if you don’t it might not be for you but it is an amazing experience!



Beating the Monday blues


Mondays can often be a day that nobody likes, the start of a brand new week with goals to accomplish. People simply don’t want to have to go to work/school or exercise, however we do need to do these things. So here are a few tips on how I try to stay motivated, they might work for you to.

Day to day Life:

Read some quotes: occasionally you might ask yourself ‘ why am i doing this?’, and thats ok because occasionally we all have these days. Sometimes you just need to be reminded and some good quotes can help inspire you. here are a couple of my favourites:

‘Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or get up and chase them’ 

‘No matter how you feel; Get up, Dress up, show up and never give up’

Just remind yourself of all the positives and how good you may feel once you’ve accomplished the goal and been more productive.


Keeping up your fitness and doing exercise is something which can be pushed to the side; the ‘but I’m too busy’ or ‘ill do it later’ mode kicks in. I often have those moments too when you just think but I don’t have enough time, something I have found recently is that there is enough time it just depends on weather you make time for it.



A way I try to stay motivated for this is by time managing, I will use a schedule to make sure I schedule time for it. For example; I’ll make sure I wake up earlier to do a workout or I’ll plan in that cycle ride at the weekend. A good website for a weekly study schedule (or you can use it as a schedule in general) is TheOrganisedStudent, they have really good free printables.

Healthy eating:


We can all get tempted by the not-so-healthy foods and its hard to avoid it. The best way for me is just to keep your goal in mind. Although, I’m personally a big lover for healthy foods  like salad anyway. If you do fancy one of your favourite foods like pizza, try adding a side of salad so you are getting a balanced diet- you’re still eating healthily just make sure you don’t do this all of the time!


Another way to help is ,again, by planning. If you plan your meals over the week you will feel much more motivated and not tempted to order that take away for just having something easy because you can’t think of anything to cook. If you are stuck have a look on pinterest for some amazing dishes.


Would you like to see a post on healthy food?

I hope you found some of these tips helpful. Please comment any other motivational tips to help others beat the Monday blues!