A Chat about Resolutions…


To make or not to make resolutions, that is the question!

I believe that it is good to set goals and why not make new ones each year? You can set out your calendar for the new year and plan how you are going to achieve the goals you want to accomplish and how you can better yourself. I don’t, however, believe in the saying New Year, New You. I used to because I used to think it was useful to think of each year like turning over a new leaf, a fresh start but now I have realised that you are the same you – just like when your grandma asked you how it felt to be a new age, there was no immediate difference, no change but as the year began to go on and you got tasked with new responsibilities you began to feel older. That is how I think of the New Year, setting goals and plans in place to better myself because I am still ‘me’ even though the year has changed. I also believe reflection of the past year is good, the end of a year makes sense to use as a way to judge your own personal success on how much you have worked on being the ‘you’ you want to become.

So what are my ‘resolutions’?

  • To learn how to cook (I kinda know the basics but if I am going to university next year, I think I need to live on more than tomato pasta or beans on toast alone)
  • To be more consistent with my blogging – I love that I have got the opportunity to post my opinions on this platform and I would love to make the time to fit writing into my schedule.
  • To revise! I have got A levels this year and I really would love to get the best grades I can to get into the university of my choice.

As a student, and no ‘real’ career plan I’m really just basing my goals on my studies and doing what I love and hoping that that might bring me to where I want to be. I also have my yearly ‘reading goals’ to read more books outside of my lessons.

My top tips when making your goals / resolutions (whatever we are calling them!)

  1. Make a plan of how you are going to stick to it. If you are thinking of giving up smoking, begin by saying, ‘I’ll have 1 cigarette a day for a week’ then the week after that by saying, ‘i’ll have one every other day’, then ‘one a week’ etc. If you make a plan you are more likely to achieve your goal.
  2. Be realistic about what you can achieve in that year – if you have never really read for pleasure before and set yourself the goal of reading 20 books you are unlikely to achieve it (but set long term, so called ‘unrealistic’, plans too as Walt Disney once said, ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough!’)
  3. Reward yourself. Every time you reach a milestone, no matter how small, be proud of yourself and give yourself a reward – perhaps your favourite food, or a break somewhere.

I asked some friends and family about what they thought about resolutions…

They consensus was that it is stupid to think that that a new year is the only time that you can change things in your life, if you can’t achieve them any other time of the year why will you now? Many feel fed up of making resolutions only to give them all up mid January.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have an amazing new year and that you achieve all your goals! Spend New Year’s Eve happy about what you have achieved thus far, be proud of yourself!

See you for my 2018 review and what I am looking forward to next year up at midnight tonight!


No Rain No Flowers

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Hello, Hope you are all okay!

So yesterday was world mental health day so I thought I would discuss some ways I deal with any anxieties and about why it’s so good to talk to each other about how we feel and be open about it. Mental health shouldn’t be a taboo topic as it is so common and talking about it is one of the best ways to help people with mental illnesses.

So one of the best ways to make yourself happier is to surround yourself with positive motivational people who support you and are always there for you. Make an effort to speak to these people often; with good friends you don’t need therapists.

Another way to feel less anxious is to look after yourself! Make sure you get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet and make enough time for things you like doing. Exercise is also good for relieving stress; even just a small walk around the block can really help.

I have always been quite an anxious person, I wouldn’t say I have anxiety but I’ve always worried too much about things I shouldn’t have to worry about. And through those times I tend to use an app called ‘calm’ and it really does help. Having calming music or having something to basically remind you to breathe really helps. So if ever feeling a bit panicky I would I highly recommend using it.

Life is tough. It’s stressful. It’s annoying. It can be overwhelming. There are times we all get a bit down and anxious and even if you don’t have a diagnosed mental illness it’s still good to do these sorts of things or whatever works for you and makes you feel calm and happy.

So I’ve titled this post ‘No Rain, No Flowers’. this phrase is so true, without some negatives, some failures and some unhappy moments there wont be anything good, you wont be happy and succeed. Its good to remember that in the difficult times because you know you won’t be unhappy forever; there will be flowers.

Failure is something I’ve had to battle and continue to, its something I’ve had such a massive fear of when in reality the little failures we make make us who we are, help us to grow and better ourselves.


Overall love yourself! You are always enough because there is no one else like you and if you’re ever feeling down or anxious about anything talk to friends and family or anyone that makes you feel loved.

I hope you liked this chatty post about mental health and happiness. Please fell free to leave a comment and please like and follow to read future posts! 🙂

(All photos are from a walk around Kingston lacy)

(What I’m wearing: topshop teal crop top, vintage striped blazer (you can find similar on ASOS), topshop Jamie jeans, vans)

10 things that make me happy

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Happiness is so important to everyone, it is the natural objective everyone strives for; to simply be happy. Often it can be the simplest of things or activity, everyone has that different thing that makes them smile each day. After being inspired by Victoria’s (Inthefrow.com) latest blog post, Here i thought i would share the 10 things that make me happy.


1. Art:

Seeing a beautiful piece of artwork or sculpture or something beautiful someone has made really inspires me or really getting the time to create something myself and creating something makes me so happy.


This is my newest piece of work; painting just makes me feel so relaxed and I get really inspired by people. 

2. Candles and cozy days:

On a rainy day when I’ve got time for myself, my favourite thing to do is snuggle up in a warm blanket with a couple of candles burning. Not only does the smell make me feel relaxed but having the warm fuzzy glow adds to the cozy atmosphere which makes me feel comforted and content. Getting to wear those new pyjamas and that favourite cozy jumper just makes me feel so happy knowing that a lot of the jobs are done and that i can have time to myself maybe to watch a film or relax with a good book.

3. Bonfires

On a chilly evening which is all the time in England, having a bonfire with my family and friends makes me feel so happy. Im often sat with a hot mug of soup or hot chocolate wearing a cozy jumper having a good time, sat with the dogs, having heart to heart conversations about anything and everything.

4. Music /festivals

Im writing this as I just got back from Camp Bestival and I had the best time. I also went to Larmer Tree festival this year in which Tom Odell was playing, he was amazing and it had an incredible atmosphere. At Camp Bestival we were at the front singing and dancing along to Jess Glynn and budding musicians on the stage. Even whilst I’m doing homework at home I will listen to some good music and it kind of takes the stresses away and helps with motivation.



This is me on the worlds biggest bouncy castle with my friends- had an amazing time and yes, I know, we did join all the 5 year olds haha!


5. forest walks

Even in the rain getting time to clear my mind in the forest whilst walking my two dogs means I can clear my head and look at the beauty of nature around me. My pets make me feel happy too which is an added bonus.

6. New interior items

I’ve always loved moving my room around or creating something new for my room doing a bit of DIY or purchasing a new item. I love getting to see a look coming together and thinking of new ideas of how it will look; so getting that cozy blanket or new item and seeing it fit in with the rest of the scheme makes me happy.

7. Friends and family

These are the people who are always there for me. If I’m having a good or a bad day they are always the first people I want to share it with and they either share in my excitement or will help cheer me up. As I have already mentioned, I have just come back from a festival and that was with my family and close friends and it was great sharing these memories and inside jokes.




8. A cuppa tea

hmmm…  a cup of tea when it gets a little chillier or when you get up in the morning or to relax is like a little piece of heaven. It means something for me to look forward to in the morning and just tastes good ; my favourites are english breakfast, rose lemonade and a new find- the best of both (normal with green tea).


Enjoying a nice warm drink on a chilly evening at Camp Bestival!

9. Trying something new

Trying something new whether that means an activity like going on a zip wire and stepping out of my comfort zone or finding a lovely new eatery or shop makes me feel happy. A shop particularly if they have beautiful packaging! but indulging in food, clothes or an activity makes me feel happier and stepping outside of my comfort zone improves my self confidence too as it can bring a proud feeling.


10. Fitness

After I’ve done a workout or done some yoga, gone for a bike ride etc… I feel so much happier and healthier. I no longer feel that wave grouchiness when I get up and feel ready to take on the day ahead. It improves confidence as I feel so much more alive and no longer like the zombie when I woke up. My recent favourite workout has been the sweaty betty bodybysimone dance cardio, it consists of 5 sections; warm up, cardio, upper body, lower body and cool down.


After a good meditation and yoga session in the zen den!

What makes you happy?

please let me know what activities and little pleasures you like to indulge in that make you happy, everyones different and will find happiness in different things.

on another note…


I died my hair lavender, what do you think?



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As a student, studying seems to take up most of your time. Its so important to keep rehearsing and revising information so that you are more likely to remember it in your exam. There are many different methods of studying, some will work best for some people others revise better through other methods. Here are a couple of ways that work best for me:

First, the way I remember information best is simply going over your class notes or a textbook and highlighting all of the important information; the key words, key terms, important statistics or equations. Highlighting helps me visualise the information better.


After that I will probably make a mind map. This also helps with visualising the information. It is the best way for me because I can imagine what the mind map looks like and find the information I need in the exam that way, It gives a structure to the information as well which helps with understanding.


An alternative is using cue cards. I mostly write these for key words or equations, for example for maths or chemistry, but I have friends who use larger cue cards to write down a whole section of a topic (like Ethics & philosophy) and that works really well for them. This makes it easier for you to test how much you know.


Recently I have found a website, theorganisedstudent, that does helpful free printables. I use the study schedule, study plan and topics to study sheet, this will make sure I am managing my time effectively and that I know what and how I am going to revise and at what time.


There are useful websites too, memrise and quizlet are the ones I use most often for either french or psychology.


  • Take breaks. After about 2 hours or less, take a little break- do some exercise and relax for a bit. Take longer breaks too, to meet up with friends or do a hobby.
  • Reward yourself. After you’ve revised a topic, eat some of your favourite food to reward yourself or go and do something you love doing.
  • Invest in some stationary. I love stationary, it not only does making your notes colourful and pretty but helps you with visualising too and it can make study sessions more enjoyable.




  • Try out different methods and see which one you like best, people learn differently: either visually, through sound or by being physically involved. Try making up a song to help you remember or by going somewhere like Stratford-upon-avon if you’re studying Shakespeare.

Good luck with your studying and I hope some of this information helps!

If you find you are getting stressed coming up to your exams, try  reading this post to see if it helps.

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Beating the Monday blues


Mondays can often be a day that nobody likes, the start of a brand new week with goals to accomplish. People simply don’t want to have to go to work/school or exercise, however we do need to do these things. So here are a few tips on how I try to stay motivated, they might work for you to.

Day to day Life:

Read some quotes: occasionally you might ask yourself ‘ why am i doing this?’, and thats ok because occasionally we all have these days. Sometimes you just need to be reminded and some good quotes can help inspire you. here are a couple of my favourites:

‘Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or get up and chase them’ 

‘No matter how you feel; Get up, Dress up, show up and never give up’

Just remind yourself of all the positives and how good you may feel once you’ve accomplished the goal and been more productive.


Keeping up your fitness and doing exercise is something which can be pushed to the side; the ‘but I’m too busy’ or ‘ill do it later’ mode kicks in. I often have those moments too when you just think but I don’t have enough time, something I have found recently is that there is enough time it just depends on weather you make time for it.



A way I try to stay motivated for this is by time managing, I will use a schedule to make sure I schedule time for it. For example; I’ll make sure I wake up earlier to do a workout or I’ll plan in that cycle ride at the weekend. A good website for a weekly study schedule (or you can use it as a schedule in general) is TheOrganisedStudent, they have really good free printables.

Healthy eating:


We can all get tempted by the not-so-healthy foods and its hard to avoid it. The best way for me is just to keep your goal in mind. Although, I’m personally a big lover for healthy foods  like salad anyway. If you do fancy one of your favourite foods like pizza, try adding a side of salad so you are getting a balanced diet- you’re still eating healthily just make sure you don’t do this all of the time!


Another way to help is ,again, by planning. If you plan your meals over the week you will feel much more motivated and not tempted to order that take away for just having something easy because you can’t think of anything to cook. If you are stuck have a look on pinterest for some amazing dishes.


Would you like to see a post on healthy food?

I hope you found some of these tips helpful. Please comment any other motivational tips to help others beat the Monday blues!