Finding the Silver Lining

“Liquid silver falls from the skiesDrop by Drop Squeezed from the darkness aboveDrops become a flowing silver riverWinding around the bend or hung on a string Frozen in time. A snapshot. Gently slipping, tumbling downBut joins the mass eventually. The darkness breaks. Light spurts out.Like moonlight on the waterIts golden glow illuminatinga delicate cobwebbed pathBurstingContinue reading “Finding the Silver Lining”

A Portrait of a Fairytale

Once upon a time In a wondrous winter wood Of trees blown bare and pine Stood a woman that should Freezing be, looked rather fine Gliding over leaves wanton, Touching tree, seeing giants in a trap- Imagination often gets forgotten- Tracing with a finger an infinite map. With hair stood frozen in the winds embrace,Continue reading “A Portrait of a Fairytale”

Masks – a Poem

I type into google a m a s k expecting the spook of the season in orange and white and green for pumpkin or ghost or Frankenstein or black, the cat, the witch, the vampire or red, for gore and blood, for devil instead the blue sheets fill the screen. The same that lie discardedContinue reading “Masks – a Poem”