‘On the Path of Life’

On the Path of Life: We walk among each other. Can we even begin to comprehendhow many faces that we have seen?Eyes that we’ve dodged,hands that we have brushedStrolling down our own roads? How many hearts we’ve passed beatingin the same rhythm as our own -Some thumping harder, fists punching its wallstrying to break freeContinue reading “‘On the Path of Life’”

‘To Write’

To Write: Hemingway once said that to write Is to bleed out Onto the paper – The ink in some metamorphosis Into hot blood Flowing out of the nib. Red dashed And splashed Across the white Like some kind of massacre. But writing isn’t brutal. There are no armies and the Weapons are not alwaysContinue reading “‘To Write’”

‘The Potters Furnace’

The Potters Furnace 1 We all hope, in our lives, For things – big or small- For miracles and dreams to come true. We wish on shooting stars That dash across the vast, dark sky. We pray to Gods we may never know For things we cannot control. We look to the universe for signs,Continue reading “‘The Potters Furnace’”

20th November 2019: A moment

Walking distracted towards my destination. A to B. When, stopping me in my tracks, I hear the bellowing bells in the brick orange tower clang raucously together: ding. ding. ding. The transcendent, abiding sound of metal against metal, that has signalled many a moment. Contrary in variety. I look up at the origin of theContinue reading “20th November 2019: A moment”