In these times of rapid change, uncertainty and unprecedented crises people have united and divided. Tomorrow (15th) in England shops will begin reopening again and with them a moment in time comes to a close. With this in mind, I am releasing a poem a day, each one my responses to the times as they unfolded- beginning right back to March as lockdown was about to begin to the present moments of anger and injustice.

This is the seventh poem in the ‘In This Time Collection’ and the second half of the poems about protest. Written at the beginning of this new wave of activism, this is important over this weekend as protests continue in London.

Protest #2
into hate
into Love

People stood in opposition
People stood together
Championing what is right.

Stood with a sign
Do you know the full story
Stood with a sign
What is the history
Stood with a sign
This isn't a trend

No excuse for fire with fire
Set the example you wish to lead
for others to follow

Prejudice is age old

Lets break it down.
Set a new one.
Take down the wall.

Brick by brick.
Love by Love.
Change by Change.