The Window #1 I look  Outside my window And there Is no change   I look At the images blaring On the screen In the corner   It tells me of panic. Of a crisis. Of death lurking In the corner   But outside My window The sun smiles down And there are twittering gatheringsContinue reading “POETRY COLLECTION: The Window #1”

POETRY COLLECTION: Positively a Crisis

Positively a Crisis   On my screen the headlines blare, glaring out to the world that 50 more are dead. Who knows how many have it? This silent deadly killer that creeps around our spaces invisible, holding out its weapon to our chests without us knowing. Stay inside, save lives is what we are told.Continue reading “POETRY COLLECTION: Positively a Crisis”


The End is Nigh?    The end  Is the only thing we know for sure. That this journey, long or short Will end, abruptly or begrudgingly  Yet we fear it so.   We don’t know the answers of when or how We only know will  So, when crisis comes knocking on the door Blazing onContinue reading “POETRY COLLECTION: The End is Nigh?”


In these times of rapid change, uncertainty and unprecedented crises people have united and divided. Next week in England shops will begin reopening again and with them a moment in time comes to a close. With this in mind, I am releasing a poem a day, each one my responses to the times as theyContinue reading “A POETRY COLLECTION: In This Time”

Theatre at Home

As theatres are closed across the UK during this time many theatres are facing potential closure and are screening past plays and performances online with the hope of keeping Londons theatre scene alive for the future. Some of the plays being broadcasted are free, with an option to donate, and others are screening them asContinue reading “Theatre at Home”

Quitting Social Media

‘Social media’ – a selection of platforms which are intended to improve and ease our social lives. The prospect sounds great; to bring us, worldwide, closer together. However, as with all things it has its downsides and with all the news at the moment i’m beginning to realise more and more that the cons areContinue reading “Quitting Social Media”

Reading in lockdown: 5 hopeful books

Reading has long been a pastime to help us get through times of crisis, whether personally or globally. Reading is also a great thing to do now that we have a bit more time on our hands! Sometimes, when this all gets a bit too much, a more hopeful read is better to turn to,Continue reading “Reading in lockdown: 5 hopeful books”